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Errol Morris' documentary about the 1970's British tabloid story involving the alleged abduction of a mormon missionary in the United Kindom by his ex-girlfriend, a former southern beauty queen.

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From the liner notes to the soundtrack album . . .

"I look at my recent movies as little operas, and so, it is truly impossible to imagine them without music. Music is an essential part. I have been privileged to work with so many extraordinarily talented composers, Danny Elfman, Philip Glass and John Kusiak.

"Tabloid is a difficult job for a composer, because the movie balances so many contradictory themes and images. It runs from the sublime to the ridiculous. From the tawdry to the tragic. How do you evoke such a range of emotions and ideas?

"John Kusiak has been able to achieve the seemingly impossible: Balance disparate elements and yet create a hauntingly beautiful score that highlights Joyce McKinney and her pursuit of love. This is my favorite movie, and it is in no small measure due to the music which frames it, defines it, and makes it come alive."

- Tabloid director Errol Morris

"As often, Morris surrounds his story with unexpected asides, blindsides us with surprise revelations, and weaves in an ominously urging score by John Kusiak." more . . .
- Roger Ebert

"As usual, [Morris] punctuates the interviews with jump cuts and blink-long blackouts, allowing John Kusiak's score to position things somewhere between madness and melancholy." more . . .
- Peter Debruge for Variety Magazine